[8 Nov 2010 | Б.Жаргалан]

In early 2010, the MPRP’s Presidential candidate Nambaryn Enkhbayar, who lost the election to the Democratic Party’s Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, began making TV appearances to air his grievances. He went as far as to say that Sanjaagiin Bayar, who was both Prime Minister and the Chairman of the MPRP at the time, was personally responsible for sabotaging his chances of winning the election by making under the table deals with his opponent. Bayar publicly retaliated by blaming Enkhbayar of seeking personal rehabilitation by falsely accusing his own party. Their well-publicized feud was something new for the MPRP, which never aired its dirty laundry in public. Usually it was the Democrats, whose internal strife was never a secret, who accused each other of wrongdoing. If the Democrats always defended their conflicts as sign of internal democracy, the MPRP was used to relying on party discipline to squash signs of internal conflict.

[8 Nov 2010 | Ес далан зургаа]

The stock market can seem pretty erratic given the frantic pace of the hourly news-cycle, but it helps to take the long view. Astute investors still remember that ten years ago the global financial market was completely contrary to the current commodity-driven market. In the early 2000s, analysts largely ignored mining stocks under the hype of emerging industries. In 2001, the combined market value for quoted mining and metals companies was $300 billion, half of Microsoft’s market capitalization at the time. Prior to 2004, when commodity prices had been on …

[8 Nov 2010 | Б.Жаргалан]

What do you do if you are sick? I, for one, frantically google every symptom that I have, and agonize at the prospect of having contracted a rare, incurable disease before realizing that all I have is the common cold. My preoccupation with rare, incurable diseases may actually be a mild case of hypochondriasis, or health phobia (I also make a hobby of googling various psychological disorders, thank you very much). At the end of the day, I get over myself, and simply take my cold medicine.

[4 Nov 2010 | М.Билгүүн]

See, I started writing about advertising in my first draft for this column. Soon enough I began to sound like a bad copywriter pushing a bad product, so I procrastinated for a while until I could figure out a more suitable topic for meself. And then it dawned on me, on a fine autumn day, walking with my shoes covered in dust and dirt from road works invading UB city: procrastination.