[20 Nov 2010 | Ес далан зургаа]

SHELTER: The ger may be the most recognizable symbol of Mongolian design. Understandably, many websites now sell Mongolian gers with prices ranging from USD 2,000 to USD 20,000. Several years ago, Ecoshack, a green design studio from California, gained quite a lot of publicity with its modernized take on the ger: the Nomad. A minimalist version of the ger, the Nomad is said to come in an easy to assemble modular kit. As sustainable living becomes a pressing issue for more people around the world, the popularity of the ger …

[20 Nov 2010 | Ес далан зургаа]

Mongolia is not particularly known for its fashion aesthetic, yet Mongolia-inspired design elements continue to turn up in the most unexpected places. As fascination with Mongolia heats up, Mongolia may become the hottest new destination for fashion finds. “Nine Seventy Six” magazine caught up with two Mongolian designers vying to place Mongolia on the map.

[19 Nov 2010 | М.Билгүүн]

I love coffee. I could drink coffee all day, and still not have enough. It wasn’t always so. My introduction to coffee was when I was a child, with my parents brewing or rather boiling coffee in a pot in our small kitchen. It was impossible to get any coffee back then, except for instant coffee. Occasionally an uncle or a friend of the family would bring some coffee beans from an overseas trip. My parents would start up the noisy bean grinder, and off they went into a caffeine-induced …

[18 Nov 2010 | Kh.Uyanga]

Some say that Mongolians welcome bright colors in their homes because our landscape, however beautiful, is quite monochrome. Stepping inside a ger on a rainy afternoon will instantly brighten your day and even lengthen your life as its hand-painted ornaments symbolize long life and prosperity. “Nine Seventy Six” magazine visited an expat who brought the vibrant colors of the ger home.