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Nomadic inspirations

[20 November 2010 | Ес далан зургаа]

SHELTER: The ger may be the most recognizable symbol of Mongolian design. Understandably, many websites now sell Mongolian gers with prices ranging from USD 2,000 to USD 20,000. Several years ago, Ecoshack, a green design studio from California, gained quite a lot of publicity with its modernized take on the ger: the Nomad. A minimalist version of the ger, the Nomad is said to come in an easy to assemble modular kit. As sustainable living becomes a pressing issue for more people around the world, the popularity of the ger can only rise. Now if they would just stop calling it the yurt…

FURNITUREJuist Just, a Dutch online store, has an extensive selection of Mongolian furniture on sale. They have updated the traditional color scheme to diversify their selection, and orange is supplemented by pink, white and turquoise. A simple hand-crafted chair retails for 15 euros plus shipping.

CUISINE: Marmot barbecue may be the order of the day for us, but it may become the rite of passage for the more adventurous gourmands out there. Swallow, an award-winning food and travel magazine, recently featured a photographic flow-chart detailing the dismemberment and cooking of a marmot à la Mongolie. A choice quote from the magazine’s Trans-Siberian issue: “After the beast has stopped with all the twitching and bowel emptying business, remove the head. Next, pull the little guy’s vital organs out through the neck and set them aside. Once this is accomplished, take that rock and methodically crush all its ribs with a series of hard downward blows.” What self-respecting foodie would not want to try this?

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