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Mongolian Magic

[20 November 2010 | Ес далан зургаа]

Mongolia is not particularly known for its fashion aesthetic, yet Mongolia-inspired design elements continue to turn up in the most unexpected places. As fascination with Mongolia heats up, Mongolia may become the hottest new destination for fashion finds. “Nine Seventy Six” magazine caught up with two Mongolian designers vying to place Mongolia on the map.


Website: www.tschama.com

Borchuugiin Tschagsalmaa, 30, is a Fashion Masters student at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands. “Nine Seventy Six” magazine takes a sneak peak at her new collection.

What inspires you?

One can find inspiration in everything, as Paul Smith used to say. Even the garbage man can be the source of a great collection.

What is your style?

I seek to combine oppositional elements, such as contemporary Western influences and Mongolian traditional culture, to create a new perspective.

What other designers do you admire?

I love Hussein Chalayan and Beyond for their conceptual and artistic styles. Also, Martin Margiela.

How would you describe your everyday style?

I do not care for a particular style. I mix everything, and try to keep it simple and comfortable. But, at the same time, I aim for a timeless, sophisticated touch.

What would you save out of your closet in case of a fire?

I would try to save everything I can, but my most precious piece would probably be my Grandma’s old deel.


Munkhuugiin Tsolmandakh, 33, became the recipient of the Public Prize (Prix du Public) of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography with her “Black Magic” collection. A Mongolian designer who lives and works in Paris, Tsolmandakh studies at the prestigious Atelier Chardon Savard. As such, her collection is an amalgam of traditional Mongolian influences and contemporary elements. In particular, the designer cites car air filters as a major inspiration for the current collection. Her highly theatrical creations are endowed with a certain mystical force reminiscent of the power commanded by early Mongolian queens. Tsolmandakh’s combination of striking originality and intricate craftsmanship has critics calling her the one to watch.

The Hyères Festival, an influential platform for emerging young designers, is known for discovering some of the most innovative names in the fashion industry. Past recipients of the Hyères prize include Dutch avant-garde design duo Victor & Rolf and Swedish knitwear designer Sandra Backlund. Belgian designer Dries Van Noten presided over this year’s jury.

Photo credits: Tschagsalmaa: Model: Uisenma Borchuu, Make up: Gunsma, Photographer: Sven Zellner, Location: Frankfurt Main, Germany
Photo credits: Tsolmandakh: Runway photographs by Etienne Tordoir, Courtesy of Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography. Black and white photoshoot: Photographer: Nicolas Guerin, Make-up: Vichika Yorn, Hair: Michael Desir

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