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Orange is the new pink

[18 November 2010 | Kh.Uyanga]

Some say that Mongolians welcome bright colors in their homes because our landscape, however beautiful, is quite monochrome. Stepping inside a ger on a rainy afternoon will instantly brighten your day and even lengthen your life as its hand-painted ornaments symbolize long life and prosperity. “Nine Seventy Six” magazine visited an expat who brought the vibrant colors of the ger home.

As in a ger, the doors in this apartment are hand-painted a vibrant orange color with intricate ornamental work. Traditional ger furniture is complemented by a little piece of the ger itself – the ger wall is now a wall-hanging. In the bedroom, there is a custom-made loft bed with a felt olbog, and your books will definitely be happy in the colorful bookcase. Continuing with the theme, a toono becomes a stylish dining table in the kitchen. Although it may not be politically correct to invert the toono, one of the most sacred elements of the ger (the apartment owner related stories of people who scolded her breaking tradition), we believe that design is innovation.

Photo: Jadambaagiin Enkhjargalan

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